Online money making: 15 tips to get started

Online money making: 15 things you need to know before thinking to make money online

Online money making
Online money making
Online money making
I have seen many people who are looking to find their way into making money with IM without having a reasonable image on all the aspects . I am writing this post ( which will be pretty long ) especially for newbies who can understand that having a correct mindset is a must-have in this business.

If my following lines have no sense to you, chances that you will make money online are low. Sorry

1. This is serious. Making money on the internet is like any other business you see around, in the offline world. Business not job. It’s more complicated that your usually 8h job you want to quit.

2. You won’t be rich next month. Making money on the internet is in most of the cases a long-term project. You can make some quick money with PPD+Youtube or content writing jobs but even those need a lot of time.

3. Read, literally, offers everything you need for a good start. You won’t find the holy grail, but if you just arrived and you have no idea how to make money online, reading 4-5h/day for a 2-3 weeks will help a lot. You might think: “reading 100 hours before making money? You must be jocking”. No, I’m not; and if this sounds too much for you, remember how much you time you spent in high-school and college preparing for the unknown future.

4. Don’t be lazy and treat everything like a business. There are under-18 kids who make $$$/day and mature man who fail just because they don’t treat IM as they should. At a certain moment I decided to help people making money just as an experiment to see why sooo many fail and this is the main reason: they want to quit their job, to work less and earn more. Bad news: it won’t happen.

5. Take action and be ready to lose money before starting to earn constantly. Can you open an offline biz without an investment? You can’t. On the internet it’s the same. Actually, it’s easier from this point of view because the initial costs can be as little as $10- domain+hosting. If you don’t have any money to invest, my advice is to work for others, save some hundreds and prepare the initial investment. It will save you time.

6. You will fail. We all did at least a couple of times. When you lose, don’t lose the lesson.

7. Start with the basics. Many people I discussed with on Skype read and focus on complicated methods without having an idea on how to change DNS for their website.

8. Take notes. Your brain can’t keep all the useful information. If you want to start by selling products from Commission Junction, use the search box, find all the threads regarding this subject and write on a piece of paper what makes sense to you. Re-read and continue your research until everything makes sense to you.

9. Don’t spend your money on things which won’t help your business. We all love to drink and party. Some of us pay for sex. When you’ll earn your first $100, please do yourself a favor and re-invest them in the method which worked for you. Ok, drink 10$ and re-invest at least the rest

10. Test, test,test. Even when something works very good, testing is a good idea not only because it can offer new ideas but also because it will sharpen your brain.

11. Finish your studies. No matter how much money you will make online, you need a backup for your own mental peace. I can’t stress enough how important this point is.

12. Don’t quit ( fast). There are big Chances to fail with your first project. Don’t quit, but if you continue to fail, this might not be for you. My mother sent me to learn playing guitar for 3 months and I simply couldn’t. I didn’t like it and when you don’t like it. You’d better quit.

13. Don’t give a shit on social morals. You will heard many times, stupid things about people making money online. Your parents will say that you don’t do anything, your grandma will cry because you are a lost case and you will end in jail. Not in all cases but in many. Don’t look around and continue to walk your way.

14. Contact other forum members when in trouble. You will be amazed how many of the experienced users are willing to help with 1 condition: don’t ask stupid questions :cow04:

15. Stay strong & be confident. If you went over all the 14 points you might be smart enough to make money online

Sorry if this was too long. Even if it might look not related to “making money” section I strongly believe this might help some guys looking to earn their place in this world.

Best wishes to all of you in 2018!

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